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What Every Musician Need To Know About Music Distribution Deals    

To promote your music, you need a link between your fans and the finished record. The link is none other than digital music distribution. It is a very important part of music promotion today. In the past, the only means independent artists could have their records reaching their fans was through brick and mortar distributors. But the digital forum has taken over and its sales exceed those of physical mediums by far. If you are a serious artist digital distribution should be on top of the list on how to reach potential fans. If you are smart, you can expand your visibility and your hits will get to many listeners across the board. Ultimately, you will get paid for your talent. Find out what else you should know concerning music distribution so you can do it right.


How digital distribution works

It gets your music on streaming platforms like Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, and other online music stores. These platforms are the digital record shops and once your music gets there, listeners can download or stream your music. In return, you get royalties depending on the type and size of the audience. Digital music stores get your music from digital distribution agencies. With simple clicks, your music reaches the destined stores and you don’t have to pay high shipping costs like it used to be in the past.


Independent music distribution deals

If you are an independent musician, you need to know exactly what you get from a distribution deal. A lot of digital distributors give artists an opportunity to air their music on popular playgrounds like iTunes from the Apple. However, for better sales, like those made by iconic artists, you need to invest in advertising and marketing.


Distribution deals differ from one agency to the next. Do your research to find the distributor who is right for you. Just like there are many valuable deals on the internet, so are the scams. Before you sign up for a deal ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is publicity benefit included?
  2. How is the cost arrived at?
  • What percentage of royalty do you get?
  1. What is the estimated profitability of the distribution methods applied?
  2. What rights do you have if you decide to terminate the contract?
  3. Are you solely responsible for the declaration of tax on your revenue?


In the past music distributors used to get records in the stores and labels made people buy the music mainly through promotional sales. These middlemen had to take a portion of the revenue. These channels exist even today but to a smaller extent. However, the duties of record labels and music distributors have changed significantly. The internet has been the main cause of these drastic changes because music listeners prefer to consume music online since that is where they spend most of their times. As such digital music distribution has become the most effective way to build your name and get your music out there while you still maintain your full rights to what you have created.